School Talks

School talks are an effective and necessary addition to all school curricula.

Our youth today are faced with various psycho-social issues that they often do not feel comfortable talking to adults about. Many of these issues are often overlooked simply because they are not brought up. It does not mean that they are not there.

A school talk refers to a trained professional conducting a presentation on school grounds to learners and/or teachers on a specific psycho-social topic. Children and adolescents receive information from various sources, such as peers or the media, and a lot of this information is nonfactual. Therefore, it is necessary and extremely helpful for learners and for school staff to receive the correct information, facts, and resources needed to make informed decisions about such crucial issues, or to find the necessary help.

  • Identifying your unique learning style
  • Specific studying techniques
  • Time management
  • Test anxiety and relaxation techniques
  • What it is and what it is not
  • What creates a bully
  • What to do if you are being bullied
  • What to do if you are a bully
  • Raising awareness around the harmful effects of bullying
  • How HIV/AIDS is contracted
  • Facts versus myths
  • Safe sexual practices
  • Raising awareness and reducing AIDS-related stigma and bullying
  • The physical, emotional, and social effects and risks of using drugs and alcohol
  • Peer pressure – what is it? How can I cope with it?
  • What is the difference between substance use, abuse, and dependence?
  • Signs and symptoms of substance abuse and dependence
  • How to find help
  • Signs and symptoms of depression
  • Possible causes of depression
  • Where to find help if you are depressed or suicidal
  • What to do if a friend displays suicidal thoughts or behaviours
  • Raising awareness and decreasing stigma around depression and suicide

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