What is Group Counselling?

A counselling group is ordinarily made up of a small group of individuals who meet up at a predetermined time and place to, under the guidance of a trained professional, talk about a range of problems and to learn more about themselves and how they relate to others and the world around them.

Benefits of group counselling:

• A confidential and non-judgemental space to explore one’s thoughts, emotions and experiences
• Provides a support system
• Fosters a sense of belonging (realising you are not alone)
• Receiving constructive feedback or a fresh perspective from others who have shared similar experiences
• Renewal of confidence and belief in oneself
• More cost effective than individual counselling

What is Walk & Talk?

Walk & Talk is not your typical kind of counselling. Sessions will take place in the outdoors and incorporate some form of light physical activity, such as a walk on the beach, a stroll in the park, or an easy hike in the forest. Research into wilderness therapy has shown many benefits of spending time outdoors. These include:
– an increase in self-awareness and self-esteem
– increased energy and creativity
– Vitaman D exposure
– a sense of connection to nature, or to something bigger than oneself
– decreased stress and anxiety
– a sense of mastery and control taken back into daily life

Who is it aimed at?

Walk & Talk group counselling sessions are for anyone who feels the need for an extra support system. You will be required to actively participate in the groups. Even though you will have the support of a trained professional and other group members, it remains your responsibility to take control of your progress and make the most out of the groups. If you feel you are not yet at this point, that’s okay! Consider the online counselling option or face-to-face individual counselling.

Costs & Schedule

Please contact me for information on times and locations of current groups.

Nature based Group Counselling